Monday, April 06, 2009

The grain report

No, this isn't an early look at USDA information, so don't think you can make a Louis Winthorpe III-esque play on the commodities market. Rather, it's my collection of notes following an adventuresome round of buying mysterious grains at the neo-hippie grocery store (MOM, if locals are wondering). Below are my unedited notes on preparation and, crucially, my assessment of the O-pinion.

[Disclaimer: Kerry came across these notes and declared them blogworthy. I never would have thought them so, but she's been right about things before, so here they are.]

Barley flakes
Water 3:1
Boil 20 min (lid off, occasional stir - cooked to a sticky, soft mass in ~16 min)
(O didn't like)

Buckwheat groats
Water 2:1
Simmer 15-20 min
(15 min, lid on and water totally absorbed
Big groats. Strong, earthy flavor
O liked plain and w/ milk)

Bulgur wheat
Water 2:1
Simmer 15-20 min
Stand 10 min
(Put BW in while heating water. Simmer lid on +15 min. Stand. Nice pebbly grain. Not quite as chewy as groats. Tastes more like dinner than breakfast.
O ate it)

Pearled barley
Water 2.5-3:1
Boil. Simmer 35-40 min
(3:1. Lid on. Cooked but water remained after 35 min. Shd have taken grains out of pot; water congealed and made barley a little slimey)
Smooth, tender grains. Little flavor. O OK)

Water 2:1
Boil. Simmer 20-25 min
(2:1. Boiled with amaranth in water. 25 min with lid on. V sticky grains, tiny crunchy in a viscous goo
O likes)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Your Votes Please - Boy or Girl?

We got a good look at D2 during the 20 week ultrasound yesterday. He/she is pretty cute and all the important parts (heart, brain, kidneys, diaphragm, limbs, etc) seem to be in working order.
The one part of the ultrasound that Travis and I didn't watch - the part where they identify the gender! Yep, we're going old school and are going to be surprised. I'm 99.95% sure that neither of us peeked at the US screen, so it really will be a surprise.

So feel free to guess what the gender might be! And name suggestions are welcome. We have a few ideas (which we're keeping to ourselves for now).