Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Milestone - Sort of

So BabyK has had her first clothes-wrecking, room-clearing, laundry-stat, poo blowout. Lucky for Travis, she did this while he was at work!

Travis was the witness (and cleaner) of Owen's worst blowout when he was tiny and nursing. I was on call that night and on the phone with the emergency room, when I heard the bathtub running. I found Owen and Travis in the bathtub. Owen with a huge baby smile on his face. And Travis holding a onesie that had been befouled to the shoulders. I think we might have just thrown it away. It becomes a challenge to get the clothing off the baby when things are that much of a mess.

One of my friends from work solved the super-messy baby clothes removal problem by cutting them off using trauma shears. These are blunt-ended scissors used in emergency rooms to cut off clothing when needed. Also apparently very useful for removing a poo covered onesie.